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Our Delta-8 THC & CBD Muscle Rub is a combination of 2 anti-inflammatory Cannabinoids with a beeswax base that is formulated using beneficial oils that include: Shea Butter, Camphor Oil, Arnica Oil, Vitamin E Oil, and Peppermint Oil. These natural oils combined with Delta-8 THC and CBD make it a strong topical for localized pain relief from arthritis, and muscle and joint pain. Think “Icy Hot on steroids”.


This is our in-house D8D LLC Muscle Rub that is perfect for fast acting comfort that is absorbed directly through the skin – we have heard reports that it feels like “rubbing Vicodin on your skin!”

D8 and CBD Muscle Rub

  • **Online ordering is restricted only to our Virginia Customers at this time**  If you are not ordering from a Virginia store location, please refer to and select a WI, PA, or NC location

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